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Piotr Kałużny (jazz pianist, composer, conductor) - Kasia Aszyk is a wonderful friend and, what is more important - a wonderful vocalist. Her singing is full of energy. Her interpretations of various pieces of music are permeated with passion and expression. I'm glad to have had the chance to accompany Kasia on the piano, since the very opportunity to accompany her has always been my delight.

Piotr Salaber ( - composer, conductor, pianist - My encounter with Kasia Aszyk was quite unusual. I hadn't had a chance to hear her on stage and I didn't know the tone of her voice. Our first rehearsal, however, convinced me that all that we had settled with respect to the piece of music that we were to perform proved sufficient and Kasia mastered the whole material instantly. Also our eventual performance showed that Kasia is a vocalist endowed with an interesting voice timbre, stage personality, and an imposing musical sensitivity. All these features combined with her good looks make it possible to believe that we will see and hear Kasia on stage repeatedly. I'm convinced that the music program we are presently working on will turn out to be an exceptional artistic event.