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Sławomir Tokłowicz (born in 1968) - a graduate of the Poznań Academy of Music /1992/ in the percussion faculty. He used to play in many bands, among others blues bands such as Greenfields, Shalom, Etna with which he won the Grand Prix at the "Bluesada" Festival in Szczecin in 1996, MBB with which he won the Grand Prix at the "Fall with Blues" Festival (Festiwal Jesien z Bluesem) in Białystok. Presently, Sławek plays with the choir Gospel Joy, Poznań Worship Group, the band performing Christian oratories Lumen, and also with the band Greenfields. His inspiration comes mainly from such renowned percussionists as Peter Erskin, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, Dennis Chambers and many gospel drummers...

Jarosław Wachowiak (born in 1966) - a poet of the saxophone, a graduate of the Poznań Academy of Music. He cooperates with many jazz ensembles, among others with such groups as Sax Brothers, Big Stan Band, Retro Jazz Quartet and Swing Brothers Band. He plays with Poland's top jazz musicians, among others with Hanna Banaszak, Zbigniew Wrombel, Piotr Kałużny, Zbigniew Górny, Krzysztof Kiljański. His soothing sounds can be also heard during performances with Poznań Worship group. He has been awarded on many festivals - not long ago he received the name of the best instrumentalist during the 12th Big Band Festival in Nowy Tomyśl.

Łukasz Chojnacki (born in 1972) - a graduate of the Cultural Sciences Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and a bass player. He used to play with such groups as Take It Easy and a group called Breaking News with which he performed in Agnieszka Osiecka Studio (a very famous studio of the Polish Radio "Three") and in a TV program "Hołdys Guru Ltd." on Polish MTV channel. The song "Coffee Cup", which he recorded with Breaking News, was placed in the sixth smooth-jazz series compilation "Smooth Jazz Café" issued by the Polish Radio. Łukasz also played in bands such as MBB, The Medley, White Garden, Poznań Worship Group and the choir Gospel Joy. He also accompanies various musicians as a session musician. He recorded albums with musicians and groups widely recognized in Poland, among others sung poetry singer Jarosław Wasik, jazz musician Zbigniew Górny and a folk band White Garden. Nowadays, he performs with such groups as Breaking News Freak Jazz and one of Poland's most famous actress and singer, Katarzyna Skrzynecka. What is more, Łukasz writes song lyrics, cabaret lyrics, poems and also he makes some interesting video realizations. Hobbies: airplanes and computers.

Radosław Mateja - (born in 1991) - a pianist, a composer and an arranger. He studies two faculties at Poznań Academy of Music - composing and organ playing. He graduated from state primary and secondary music schools in Poznań with distinction. His repertoire includes both classical as well as entertainment music.