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KASIA ASZYK (born in 1982 in Gdansk) - a vocalist, a songwriter and also a specialist in American studies. A graduate of a high school in Starogard Gdański, The School of English at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and of Czesław Niemen Singers School in Poznań which she finished with a distinction. She was also a scholar at Aveiro University in Portugal. Kasia pursues musical education by scrutinizing the ins and outs of voice emission. Her preferred music genres are jazz, smooth-jazz, funky, pop as well as gospel.

Kasia started her music journey as early as at the age of seven when her older sister talked her into joining a children/youth choir called "Cantata". When she was thirteen, she started participating in regional and national festivals as a soloist. Kasia was a finalist of one of Poland's largest and most significant cultural events, The FAMA Academic Youth Arts Festival during which she danced and sang in a musical "The World for Three Pennies" („Swiat za trzy grosze”); she sang among others in Poznan Philharmonic Hall, Jewish Theater in Warsaw during the Stage Art Festival (here she was given professional vocal advice by one of Poland's most renowned music critics and vocal teachers, Elżbieta Zapendowska), several times during the Poznan Jazz Souls' Day and also at the Christian music festival "Song of Songs" in Toruń; she recorded a vocal track to the second part of the movie "A Dream of Poznan" („Sen o Poznaniu”); she gave support performances before Poland's most famous artists such as Katarzyna Skrzynecka, Perfect, Reni Jusis, Tomek Makowiecki, but also she performed together with The Sakala Brothers from Zambia. Her artistic experience is also rich in radio performances (among others Polish Radio "Three" [„Trójka”], Polish Radio External Service "Polonia"), television performances (among others Polish Television TVP- "Szansa na Sukces", "Bitwa na Głosy", TVN- TV show "The Way to the Stars" „Droga do Gwiazd”), club performances (among others Blue Note Jazz Club in Poznań), open-air performances (Polish youth gathering Lednica 2008).

Kasia cooperated with such personages in the world of music as for example, Piotr Kałużny (jazz pianist, composer, conductor, lecturer at the Poznań Academy of Music and the Wrocław Academy of Music), Piotr Salaber (composer, conductor, pianist), Zbigniew Małkowicz (composer, conductor and manager of the Lumen group), Leopold Twardowski (vocalist, guitarist, composer, leader of the Poznań Worship Group), Grzegorz Kopala (composer, vocalist, guitarist, pianist, violinist, accordionist, songwriter, producer), Carlos Núńez (winner of the Grammy Award as well as an Oscar for the music to the movie "The Sea Inside") and also with a young talented Polish jazz pianist and composer, Marcin Łosik.

Kasia has been the lead vocalist of a couple of bands, among other Feniks, The JRM Band, New Day, 3dziesci3 and Lumen.